Bent Johnson

Mar 04, 2023

Top 11 Must-Have Pet Products

Top 11 Must-Have Pet Products

Your pet is a member of your family.

If only they could talk! Your role would be a lot easier. But pets don’t talk.

They still have needs, though.

You just have to work a bit harder to find out what those needs are.

We are talking essentials here. Pets’ needs range from entertainment and exercise, to health. From food and water, to waste management.It’s our job to care for our animal friends as their needs change from puppies and kittens, to grey-haired veterans with mobility problems.

Online pet shops make your job as a pet carer a lot easier. The convenience of online pet stores cannot be beaten, and postage is often free within the UK. An online shop can carry a wider range of pet essentials than your average local pet shop ever could. You save fuel driving to town, save parking fees, and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by ordering from your phone or tablet.

Just check out these 12 pet essentials. Each website sells hundreds of products that will tickle your fancy, all while supporting British jobs. Prices are usually lower than bricks and mortar shops, too.

Caring for your pet is easier than it has ever been. Just browse the websites for further inspiration.

Dog Products

Allergy Supplements for Dogs

Dog allergies cause endless misery for many canines.

These allergies often come from poor gut health. Good bacteria in your pup’s gut help in the absorption of the nutrients needed for healthy skin. Good bacteria sometimes need help.

That’s where Love Bugs scores. It contains probiotics (good bacteria) to help overcome the bad bacteria that tend to reproduce faster and cause irritable bowel syndrome and other immune system issues. The prebiotics in this product are nutrients for the good bacteria. Simplicity itself to use, just sprinkle a little on your dog’s food and mix it in.

Dog Bubble Blaster

Dogs love chasing bubbles, but kids’ bubbles will upset your dog’s stomach.

What’s the answer? Dog bubbles.

The bubbles are non-toxic and taste good (to dogs).

This bubble blaster produces scores of bubbles to excite your pet and provide exercise and interest while chasing them. The peanut butter flavour bubbles reward the dog’s tastebuds when he or she catches one.

The dog bubble machine uses AA batteries and is so simple, a child can use it.

Earthbound Traditional Tweed Brown Dog Bed

More sturdy than your average dog bed.

This stylish dog bed has a hollow-fibre-filled cushion that will keep your pet warm and comfortable all night long. This cushion is reversible (tweed/fleece) and can be machine-washed.

The walls are rigid and high enough to stop draughts.

The Earthbound traditional dog bed comes in two sizes; 45cm x 40cm, and 55cm x 50cm. The larger size is perfect if you have two small dogs that like to cuddle up together.

ProDen Plaque Off Bones – Natural Bacon Dental Chews

Fact – Brushing your dog’s teeth is awkward or even impossible.

But, you still need to prevent plaque formation so your pet’s teeth stay healthy. These bacon flavour “bones” make the job simple. Dogs love the flavour and the gnawing.

ProDen Plaque Off bones are gluten-free and contain no grains – perfect for any dog with food allergies. They DO contain omega 3 and 6 to help produce a healthy coat.

Offered in four different flavours so your dog doesn’t get bored: Bacon, turkey & cranberry, vegetable medley, and chicken & pumpkin.

VetUK XL Dog Wormer Tablets

Every dog gets worms. They pick them up from larvae that burrow through the skin on a dog’s paws, from infected soil, and from fleas.

You need to give your dog a worming treatment every 3 months. Females who are nursing should be treated every 2 weeks after giving birth. This is because roundworm larvae migrate to the mammary gland and will be passed on to her pups.

VetUK XL Dog wormer tablets are designed for large dogs (over 17.5Kg). The company offers similar products for smaller dogs if your pet is less than 17.5Kg. The beauty of these tablets is that they treat roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms.

Cat Products

Automatic Cat Laser Pointer

Everyone knows cats of any age love chasing laser pointers. They stimulate any cat’s hunting instinct.

This automated cat laser is perfect for owners who need convenience. It gives your feline companions exercise and stimulation while you get to watch their antics.

Any toy becomes boring when used to excess, so the laser switches off after 15 minutes. Your cat will let you know if he or she wants more. It uses 4 x AA batteries and moves the laser beam using a rotating mirror.

Cat Essential Joint Support

Older cats often have joint stiffness and pains just like humans.

YuMove green-lipped mussel extract provides your older cat with a massive amount of omega 3. It also provides glucosamine, manganese, vitamins C & E, and hyaluronic acid. These nutrients help collagen and cartilage formation as well as lubricating joints.

If your pet hates tablets, this is the product you need. It is phosphate-free and fast-acting because it comes as capsules. You just split one open and add it to your cat’s regular food.

Cat Litter Tray Ma

Do you have a problem with spilled cat litter? Just what you need treading around your home.

A mat outside the litter box will trap any litter that spills or is caught on your cat’s paws. This cat litter mat is comfortable for cats’ paws, so theywon’t just jump over it. It is also larger than most so it does a better job.

The mat has two layers – litter falls through the holes in the top layer and is trapped. Just take it outside, separate the layers and brush it down.

FURminatordeShedding Tool for Long Hair Cats

Are hairballs the bane of your life as a cat owner? Cats hate them too.

Cats shed hair all the time, but mostly in spring and autumn. Long-haired cats have worse problems.

The FURminatordeShedding tool for long-haired cats reduces shedding issues by 90% when used regularly. It lets you get below the topcoat to the underlayers of long hair. When you remove any loose hair, your cat will ingest less hair when grooming, so hairballs will be less of a problem.

Wall-Mounted Cat Tree


Cats need to climb. If your cat spends a lot of time indoors, then you need to encourage climbing behaviour.

A wall-mounted cat tree is perfect because it doesn’t take up floor space and never falls over. Your cat will have fun leaping from one platform to the next and will soon have a favourite perch. Help prevent feline boredom by mounting your cat tree where your pet can see garden birds.

The 185cm high Dolomit XL Tofana wall-mounted cat tree will soon be your cats’ favoured location. Its many platforms and snoozing areas mean it is perfect for 2, 3, or more family cats.

Drontal Cat Worming Tablets

Roundworms and tapeworms are the most common types of worms found in British cats. Cats get worms by swallowing infected fleas while grooming. Birds and mice are often infected with worm eggs and larvae which infect cats that prey on these animals. A female catoften has dormant roundworm larvae in her tissues. The larvae migrate to the mammary glands after she gives birth and are passed on to kittens in her milk.

All cats need to be wormed from a VERY early age to avoid diarrhoea, vomiting, and the possible passing on of worms to your young children.

Filling Your Role as a Pet Parent

A dog’s love for its owner is unconditional. It will always be there for you. Cats are more independent than dogs but still need you to play and cuddle when they are in the right mood.

Owning a pet is a big responsibility, but a rewarding one. It is easy to love a pet, but care and love are equally important. Educating yourself as to your pet’s needs is the best way to ensure a happy human/pet relationship.