Bent Johnson

Jun 11, 2023

The Best Cycling Shoes for Women

Whether your local bike store doesn’t have wide cycling shoes in stock, or there isn’t a bike store near you, it’s good to know what really wide cycling shoes you can buy online. And if you’re like me and your feet are too small to wear men’s sizes, you need to know which wide cycling shoes have women’s sizes. And unless you’re a fan or pro, you probably want to keep it under $200. Luckily, she can also buy the best women’s wide cycling shoes online for under $200.

1. Tommaso Pista Women’s Cycling Shoes

If you’ve ever searched online for wide women’s cycling shoes, you’ve heard of the Tommaso Pista shoes. Most of the articles talking about wide cycling shoes focus on men’s shoes, but from time to time we also add Tommaso Pista for us women. I liked that the shoes cost her less than a ton (usually less than $100) and they looked cute.

Honestly, search for her Tommaso Pista on Amazon (where this shoe is sold) and you’ll find plenty of variations. Knit upper, cable closure, Velcro closure, rich color variations. I wanted a stiffer upper and the ability to customize the closure to fit a voluminous foot, so I opted for this version’s black and pink combination.

This shoe is not a flashy shoe. It came in a box, no paper or protective material. The shoes are clearly made of synthetic leather, with a few threads hanging down the seams. If he’s ever worn cycling shoes from well-known bike brands like Shimano, Specialized, and PEARL iZUMIi, the Tommaso Pista might make you want to wrinkle your nose. However, this shoe is ideal for those of us with wide feet, so don’t.

2. Lake CX 177 Cycling Shoes

If you’re looking for wide cycling shoes, look no further than Lake. Lake is also known for its outstanding quality as one of the few brands on the market that offers shoes in very large widths. The price shows it. Lake cycling shoes cost hundreds of dollars. However, the only model, the CX177, costs less than $200. Reviews may have said that this model doesn’t fit as well as others, but I found it to fit my wide feet very well and was of better quality than others for the same price. rice field.

Finding a Lake CX 177 online with a reasonable return policy can be a challenge. You can order directly from Lake, but he must contact Lake within 14 days to arrange the return. The shipping fee will be borne by the customer. There are often some hurdles when buying direct. Most bike shops with online stores have similar policies (I’ve also found some shops that only offer in-person returns for online purchases, so be aware).

3. PEARL iZUMi Vesta Cycling Shoes

These shoes from PEARL iZUMi are not particularly suitable for wide feet, but they are very comfortable and cushioned even though they are roomy and voluminous, and are very popular among women with wide feet. If you struggle with narrow toes, the Vesta may be the shoe for you.

The PEARL iZUMi Vesta is available at various retail outlets and is available in smaller sizes, especially since it is a women’s shoe. The PEARL iZUMi website has by far the best range of Vesta sizes and colors. On his website for PEARL iZUMi he offers a 35 day trial before returning and uses Returnly for the process which simplifies the process and does not require pre-approval for returns.

Amazon also has a great selection of colors, but prices and return policies vary by color and size. The Backcountry has the same colorways and pricing options, and no shoe is over $125. The shoe is also available at REI, but in black only, for $125.

4. Shimano IC5 Indoor Cycling Shoes

These are the first cycling shoes I received when I purchased my Peloton bike. After doing a lot of research, I read that Shimano is roomy and that this shoe has a mesh upper that is flexible and can be adjusted for wide, bulky feet. I bought it from Zappos, and with free shipping and returns, I knew I had plenty of time to try it out on the carpet and see if it not only fit, but was comfortable on the bike. I was.

And this shoe has had a positive effect on me. The fit was perfect, no hot spots or irritation. By adopting the BOA closure, it was easy to turn the dial to tighten the shoe or open the dial to loosen it. I thought it was great too (my purple and blue shoes are sold in a black and white model and this link has the same shoes in black as well as a beautiful cranberry color). I also found this shoe on a big sale on Amazon.

5. Shimano RP1 Unisex Cycling Shoes

Compared to other cycling shoe brands, Shimano generally tends to be a little roomier, but this version gets rave reviews for comfort, especially by those with wider feet. If you like your previous Shimano shoes but don’t have SPD pedals, this shoe works with both his 2-hole cleat and his 3-hole cleat. Even better, these shoes always cost less than $100.

However, since these cycling shoes are made of synthetic leather rather than knit, they don’t have much room for people with larger feet, and they don’t even have room for insoles. But the roomy toe box and adjustable Velcro straps are popular, while the stiffer upper and fiberglass-reinforced sole provide stability and boost power with every pedal stroke.

6. Venzo Women’s Cycling Shoes

I haven’t tried these her Venzo shoes, but my friend with “wide” feet wears these and loves them, and they barely fit Peloton branded shoes. She likes the firm sole for maximum power when pedaling and her three Velcro straps that let her customize the fit. Hundreds of reviews online say it’s roomier than most cycling shoes, especially in the toe area.

These shoes from Venzo come in a variety of colors and are equipped with LOOK Delta cleats. However, you’ll need to install the studs yourself (this YouTube video has a great guide). This skill is easy to learn as you often need to change your cleats before you change your cycling shoes.

Some reviews recommend enlarging the room to half or full size. We recommend sticking to standard sizes unless you have learned from previous experience. Going up 1 size gives you more room, but it can also put pressure on the wrong part of your foot while cycling and cause numbness.

7. Louiganeau Ladies Multi Air Flex II

Louis Ganot’s “Multi Air Flex II” is a bicycle brand shoe that fits your feet flexibly. You’ll also find smaller sizes as they’re designed for women, unlike cycling shoes from many broad bike brands (starting at size 36, equivalent to a woman’s US 6).

The Multi Air Flex is touted as wider than many other cycling shoes and is very popular. You’ll find rave reviews on every website that sells this shoe. Some can be purchased on Amazon for under $50, depending on size and color. However, please note that not all rewards are easily returnable. Dick’s Sporting Goods has the widest selection of colors and sizes, and he sells these shoes for just under $120. Backcountry also sells the shoe for $119.99, but he only comes in two colors. Moosejaw comes in one color and select sizes under $50. Of course, it is also available from the Louis Ganot site.