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Jul 08, 2023


Restaurant management blogs cover topics such as menu planning, marketing tactics, customer service, restaurant management, culinary trends, and more. It often includes articles, interviews, how-to guides, expert commentary, and case studies that provide information and guidance for professionals in the restaurant industry.

1. Up Menu

Up Menu is a grocery ordering system and marketing platform built specifically for restaurants. The company offers a variety of digital solutions and restaurant software that help owners and restaurant managers streamline the online ordering process, improve customer retention and increase sales.

In addition to restaurant tech, Up Menu also has one of the best restaurant management blogs dedicated to the restaurant and hospitality industry. Restaurateurs can find a wide range of topics here

2. Eater

Eater is one of the most popular blogs for restaurant owners looking to boost their business. This influential online publication focused on the food and hospitality industry. We provide a mix of news, features, reviews and storytelling about restaurants, food culture and culinary trends. Eater covers a wide variety of topics including restaurant openings and closings, chef profiles, industry controversies, restaurant guides, recipes, and in-depth exploration of local and international cuisine.

This blog offers a mix of informative articles, visually appealing food photography, and compelling storytelling. The goal is to give readers a rich and immersive experience with food and drink. Eater’s reports often look beyond pure restaurant reviews to the broader cultural, social and economic aspects of the food industry.


Food52 offers a wide range of content, including recipes, cooking techniques, recommended kitchen tools and gadgets, product reviews, food-related articles, and more. The platform encourages home cooks to post their own recipes, participate in discussions, and participate in various food-themed challenges and competitions.

One notable aspect of Food52 is its focus on community-driven content. The platform offers home cooks the opportunity to share their favorite recipes, ask and answer cooking questions, and network with others who share their passion for cooking. This sense of community is facilitated by features such as a ‘hotline’ where users can ask other chefs for advice and help, and a ‘recipe rating and review’ system where users can provide feedback on recipes.

4. Serious Eats

Serious Eats is a prominent and highly respected online publication focusing on food, cooking, and the restaurant industry. Founded by Ed Levine in 2006, Serious Eats has grown into a comprehensive resource for food lovers and culinary enthusiasts.

The restaurant blog section of Serious Eats features a wide range of content related to restaurants, food culture, and dining experiences. It offers in-depth restaurant reviews, where the authors share their personal experiences and insights about specific establishments. These reviews often cover a variety of cuisines, price ranges, and locations.

In addition to restaurant reviews, the blog provides features and articles that delve into various aspects of the restaurant industry. This can include interviews with chefs and restaurant owners, discussions on food trends and innovations, coverage of industry events, and explorations of unique or noteworthy dining destinations.

5. The Infatuation

The Infatuation is a popular restaurant blog and online platform that provides reviews, recommendations and guides for dining out. Founded by Andrew Steinthal and Chris Stang in 2009, The Infatuation has since expanded to multiple cities around the world.

The Infatuation’s Restaurant Blog features restaurant reviews, restaurant guides and curated lists of recommended restaurants. Her team of reviewers, known as “Infatuation Insiders,” visit and review restaurants and share their experiences and insights with readers. The purpose of the review is to rate the food and overall dining experience, atmosphere, service and value for money.

6.Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is the online publishing and digital platform of Bon Appetit magazine, known for its coverage of food, cuisine and culinary culture. This blog expands on the content of the magazine, providing additional features, articles and resources on restaurants and gastronomy.

The restaurant blog “Bon Appétit” covers a wide range of food and food. Contains restaurant reviews where authors share their experiences and opinions about specific locations. These reviews often provide insight into the dining atmosphere, menu highlights, and overall dining experience.

7. Grub Street

Grub Street covers a wide range of food and hospitality topics. His Restaurants His blog features restaurant reviews and profiles, giving you insight into your dining experience, featured dishes, and overall ambiance. These reviews cover a variety of cuisines, price points, and locations, with a focus on New York City establishments.

In addition to restaurant reviews, Grub Street offers articles, features and interviews covering many aspects of the food and restaurant industry. This may include coverage of chefs, food industry trends, restaurant openings and closings, culinary events and culinary innovations. The blog also keeps readers up to date on relevant food-related news and developments in the local restaurant scene.

8. Restaurant Business Online

Restaurant Business Online is a well-known digital publication and platform covering various aspects of the restaurant industry. This publication includes a blog section that provides up-to-date and informative content on a variety of topics relevant to restaurant owners, operators and industry professionals.

The restaurant business online blog provides the latest news and developments in the restaurant industry, insights and best practices for effectively managing and operating your restaurant, increasing your restaurant’s visibility, attracting customers, and helping you grow your restaurant. It provides readers with guidance on marketing strategies and tactics. Build your own strong brand.

9. Plate Magazine

Plate Magazine is a culinary publication that celebrates and explores the world of food, cuisine and hospitality. Plate Magazine does not have a traditional blog format, but the website is a digital platform for content such as articles, features, recipes and insights.

Plate Magazine provides in-depth, high-quality content that appeals to culinary professionals such as chefs, restaurateurs, food service operators and industry enthusiasts. Her articles cover a variety of topics related to food safety, beverage trends, cooking techniques, culinary trends and the hospitality industry.

10. The Culinary Compass

Culinary Compass is a useful resource that offers a variety of recipes in different categories such as appetizers, main courses, desserts and drinks. Recipes cover a wide variety of dishes and flavors and showcase Megan’s journey of culinary creativity and discovery.

In addition to recipes, the blog also includes articles on cooking techniques, kitchen tips, travel experiences related to food and drink, and more. It provides authors with a platform to share their culinary experiments, insights and personal experiences in the kitchen. As a personal blog, The Culinary Compass is constantly evolving in content and focus, and the specific topics and recipes covered may vary.

11. Restaurant Experts

The Restaurant Experts Protocol provides guidance and best practices on various aspects of restaurant operations, including front-of-house and back-of-house management, staffing, training, service standards and quality control. Expect information and strategies for menu planning, design, pricing, recipe development and menu creation to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.

This blog provides insight into the financial aspects of a restaurant business, including understanding budgeting, cost control, inventory management, sales analysis, profit margins, and financial reporting, as well as effective marketing strategies, branding, social media, online presence, and customer retention. provide insight into the , loyalty programs, customer acquisition.

12. The Chef’s Table Society Of BC

British Columbia Chef’s Table Society (BC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and supporting the culinary community of British Columbia, Canada. Founded in 2004, the association is made up of renowned chefs, culinary professionals and industry partners to collaborate, share knowledge and promote the culinary arts.

The association strives to improve the skills and expertise of culinary professionals through educational programs, workshops, seminars and instructional opportunities. It fosters knowledge sharing and continuous learning among members and promotes British Columbia’s food culture, local ingredients and regional flavors. They actively support sustainable and responsible food practices, gourmet tourism and the growth of the local food industry.

13. The Restaurant Technology Guys

Restaurant Technology Guys is a resource and advice platform focused on helping restaurants navigate the evolving landscape of technology solutions in the hospitality industry. They provide restaurant owners and operators with the expertise, insight and guidance to select, implement and maximize the benefits of various technology tools and systems.

Our team provides individual consulting to understand each restaurant’s unique needs and goals. Based on this understanding, we provide recommendations for choosing the right technology solution for areas such as point of sale (POS) systems, online ordering platforms, payment processing, kitchen management, and customer loyalty. The Restaurant Technology Guys create and share educational resources in a variety of formats including articles, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and videos.

14. Tasting Tables

The Tasting Table is a culinary publication and digital platform that offers a variety of content related to food, drink and culinary experiences. Their blog section features articles, recipes, reviews and recommendations for both foodies and home cooks.

Tasting tables offer a wide range of recipes for different cuisines, dietary preferences and skill levels. Curated and crafted by culinary experts and collaborators, recipes feature a variety of cuisines to inspire and guide home cooks. The blog also recommends restaurants, bars, cafes and other eateries. We focus on places that foodies can explore for unforgettable dining experiences, food and drink pairings and unique and delicious dishes.

15. Food Republic

Food Republic is a food and drink focused digital publication and platform. We offer a wide range of content including recipes, chef interviews, cooking guides, industry news and insights on food and beverage trends.

Food Republic offers a collection of recipes covering a wide variety of dishes, cooking techniques and dietary preferences. Created by renowned chefs, home cooks, and culinary experts, these recipes offer readers ample opportunity to explore. The platform also features interviews and profiles of famous chefs, providing readers with insight into their culinary journeys, inspirations and culinary philosophies. These interviews often provide insight into the chef’s signature dishes, cooking techniques, and their impact on the food industry.

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