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Jul 12, 2023

Outdoor Furniture For Garden In Summer And BBQ Season

A garden is a big draw for today’s home seekers, and some are willing to pay a lot of money to buy a house to have it. But Heaven’s promise of a beautiful green paradise can easily become an unfinished business, especially if you don’t live with trowels and bedding plants.

1. A Classic Way To Arrange Outdoor Furniture

Our favorite garden furniture arrangement is the classic combination of a comfortable patio sofa and two chairs. It’s a layout that works just as well in the living room as it does in the study, the patio and, of course, the veranda. On the upstairs porch, I love how the outdoor rugs define the space and give this outdoor space the feel of a real living room.

2. Two Loveseats And A Mix Of Furniture

Loveseats are a better use of space, since realistically only two people sit on the sofa (just like a loveseat), but they are narrower so more chairs can be crammed into them. increase. In this space, Suzanne Kasler used the Directoire collection. Two loveseats, two lounge chairs, a coffee table, two side tables and even a small garden stool. The great thing about this arrangement is that you can move all the pieces around to create a more versatile arrangement.

3. Arrange Outdoor Furniture By Creating A Corner With Two Sofas

Your first intuition might be to place two sofas facing each other. It’s a great arrangement that works anytime, but I also prefer creating a nook with two outdoor sofas. The result is an intimate corner to converse at Tete a Tete. In addition, the opposite side of the seating space opens to facilitate flow.

The space above has everything you need to create a cozy outdoor space. Don’t forget to add outdoor decorations like throw blankets, solar lanterns, indoor and outdoor rugs, and outdoor curtains.

4. Use A Sectional To Create Boundaries

Alternatively, sections help create boundaries and define spaces. Here I used Navio Sectional to divide the space into two different sections.
lounge area and dining area. Sectional tables are also great for hosting large groups as they provide as much seating as possible.

Another tip? Consider round shapes if you plan to float sections in open space.

5. Work A Chaise In To Your Porch Arrangement

When you think of lounge chairs, you might think of relaxing by the pool, but you can easily incorporate them into your seating arrangement. Here I used the Amalfi collection to create an asymmetrical arrangement of a sofa, two chairs, a coffee table and a chaise longue in the opposite corner.

6. Substitute A Chair With An Ottoman

If you’re short on space, consider replacing your chair with an ottoman. The space consists of a sofa and chair, but the ottoman doubles as a footstool or extra seating for guests. An ottoman is more versatile than a chair and is especially useful if you want to make the most of a small porch.

7. Dining And Seating In A Small Space

We often face a dilemma when decorating our porch. It’s about whether you want a place to eat or a place to sit. What if I want both? One way to bring them both into a small porch is for him to make just one chair. It’s much easier to put his two chairs in the room than to put a whole sofa and coffee table. We replaced the traditional dining room chairs with benches to keep the space above from getting too cramped.

8. Arrange Outdoor Furniture With Four Chairs In A Circle

There is absolutely no rule that you have to use the sofa on the porch. And no room exemplifies how a porch with only his four chairs can be as cozy as this one. What luxury is that? Arranged in a circle with four chairs, it’s the perfect place to enjoy cocktails with friends while waiting for the grill to heat up.

9. How To Arrange Outdoor Furniture To Face Each Other

We introduced a combination of a sofa and two chairs on the left and right. However, if the room is deeper than it is wide, place the chairs on opposite sides of the sofa. I often use this setting when I want to allow traffic to pass through the room. Coffee tables, side tables, floating cubes and many other places where you can put your drink or take a rest.

1o. Arrange Outdoor Furniture With A Pair Of Chairs

You’ll notice that many of these rooms have one theme: two chairs. Indoors and outdoors, the chair is considered better with his two than with his one. Who would want to drink wine alone? For narrow balconies and small verandas, simple chairs with side tables are recommended. Also a great option for narrow verandas.

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