Bent Johnson

Jun 11, 2023

Handmade Goods

If you’re reading this, you probably already agree with millions of consumers around the world that mass-produced goods are very boring. Handcrafted items, on the other hand, offer more value and uniqueness. That is, more fun.

When you order something handmade, you really know that the item you receive was made with the utmost attention to detail and, of course, with love.

As evidence of civilization’s boredom with mass production, markets for handmade goods have sprung up everywhere. Sure, these places have always existed on a small, local scale, but today the internet brings the work of artists and artisans to a global audience. This means you can order a handmade Copenhagen rug from the comfort of your New York apartment. You can order handmade Lisbon soaps from the comfort of your London apartment. You have that idea Being able to order handcrafted items (especially gifts) from all over the world makes it extra special to know that it is handmade and international.

What Can You Find at Marketplaces for Handmade Goods?

Everything and anything! Most marketplaces offer a few main categories that differ perhaps only in semantics. These general categories are:

  • Jewelry
  • Home
  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Kid/baby
  • Wedding/party
  • Art

At the same time, some of our top sites offer lesser-known items like vintage rattan furniture straight from the designer at our supermarket headquarters and personalized dog leashes from Etsy. So if you’re looking for something as generic as jewelry, it doesn’t really matter which site you choose. All sites offer jewelry. However, if you want something more unusual, it’s easier to narrow down your choices.

Do all marketplaces offer the same types?

Diversity is paramount in a marketplace for handmade goods. With thousands of sellers on each marketplace, there is no shortage of product types and quantities. There are artists selling everything from clothing, stationery, jewelry, upholstery, and furniture. The only caveat here is to be careful with too many varieties. You can spend hours staring at these beautiful and unique creations and lose track of time.

In this sense, the main difference for most sites is the number of sellers rather than the actual variety. For example, Etsy is the largest online marketplace, with approximately 2 million active sellers and over 30 million active buyers. Meanwhile, in Dawanda he has 320,000 designers. Etsy is not better. Because nothing is objectively “better”. There is only what you prefer.

There may be too many varieties for some people. For example, eBay has millions of listings for everything, not just handmade products. If you have the time and the willingness to go through these lists, you might find some great products. If you don’t have the time or the motivation, you might be better off with sites like Artfire or Zibbet, which don’t have many sellers. Note that a “small” site means thousands of sellers, not millions.

Supermarket HQ and Big Cartel are slightly different in terms of variety. Supermarket HQ is a curated marketplace that primarily offers furniture, while Big Cartel is a website that sells to designers, creatives and artists who can open their own online store for a monthly fee. That said, if you’re looking for handmade jewelry or other typically handcrafted items, these marketplaces aren’t the best marketplaces for you.

How is your product quality?

Like any other kind of product, there are high quality and low quality ones. Some handcrafted items are more beautiful than others, some are more carefully crafted, but there are some things you wouldn’t buy if you paid for them. So is life! That’s why it’s up to you to read the seller’s product reviews and see if they meet your quality standards.

It’s important to note that most vendors didn’t get into the craft business to make money. People who craft and create art with passion. This does not guarantee that a quality product will be produced, but it certainly increases the chances. Unlike machines that produce programmed patterns, artisans who design products with a deep passion can produce amazing things.

Are shipping and handling charges included in the item price?

No! All website prices shown on products do not include shipping and handling charges. Rather, it is attached at the end when you go to the cash register.

However, some websites such as B. iCraft Gifts, a specific category of items marked “Free Worldwide Shipping”. This is perfect if you actually want the products that appear in this category. But don’t order an item you don’t want just to get free shipping (albeit tempting!).

As with most products on our website, shipping costs are determined by four factors:

  • Your place
  • Seller’s location
  • How soon do you want
  • Product weight and size

If you want to minimize shipping costs, please search for a seller near you. Therefore, European-based sites such as Dawana and Folksy should be avoided when ordering goods from the United States. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get free shipping on handmade at Amazon.

You don’t have to keep shipping costs down, but it’s important to be careful. It’s a pity that you’ve found something you really like, but have to pay a steep flat rate shipping fee.

Place to shop

With all this great information at your fingertips, it’s up to you to decide which marketplaces to shop with. And remember, there are no exclusivity clauses here. You can buy bedroom curtains from one company and personalized pins from another. What’s the only problem you might have? Narrow down your options from all the great options available.