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Jul 17, 2023

Engaging Toys And Games For The Summer Vacation

From outdoor activities that embrace the warmth of the season to indoor wonders that provide entertainment during those relaxing downtime moments, we’ve curated a selection that promises hours of joy and laughter for children of all ages. These toys and games are designed to spark imagination, encourage active play, and foster meaningful connections among friends and family.

1. Educational Insights Design & Drill Take-Along Toolkit

Develop your child’s imagination with this design and practice toolkit from Educational Insights. This award-winning her 3-year-old activity toy includes all the equipment you need to develop your child’s coordination, fine motor skills, and creative thinking skills in a fun and engaging way. Attach her one of three different drill attachments to your reversible drill or screwdriver, grab a few colorful bolts and you’re ready to go!

2. Lauri Tall-Stacker Pegs Building Set

The Lauri Tall Stacker Peg Building Set is an ideal first building toy for 3 year olds. Your child will be too busy working on the set to realize that they are actually learning and developing so many important skills when building large 3D structures. Manipulating the small pegs into pegboards of different shapes and colors provides excellent fine motor training and is great for training hand-eye coordination. They’ll need to use their logical thinking and creative problem-solving skills to figure out how to keep the tower running. With this set, your child will grow and enjoy creating more elaborate structures as they grow.

3. 3D Feel And Find By Guide Craft

This tree shape and tile matching game is a great sensory shape game that enhances your child’s cognitive development skills. A wooden puzzle is a good investment as it will delight many children for years to come. Place the wooden shape in a canvas drawstring bag (which is also very handy for post-play storage) and he places 1 of his 20 game pieces in front of your child. Have them put their hand inside the bag and feel different shapes until they find one that fits their tiles. Once you’ve done this, move on to the next tile until everyone’s done. You can also use wooden elements in various sensory containers, open-ended building games, and role-playing games.

4. Lego Duplo 10572 Creative Play All-In-One-Box-Of-Fun

One of the classic educational toys for ages 3 and up, LEGO DUPLO never goes out of style to play and learn and is a must-have building toy for 3-year-olds. The set comes in a LEGO brick-shaped storage box for convenient storage. It includes a wagon base, two window elements, a dog, and a variety of other Duplo blocks that your child can build and design. Some blocks in this set also have additional educational elements. This set includes numbered bricks that connect to the matching bricks shown.

5. Wikki Stix Numbers And Counting Fun Cards For Learning

This easy educational tool is a fun way to work with your child on forming letters and numbers. Wikki Stix are colorful, non-toxic strings of wax and thread that your child can easily apply to each letter and number card using their fingertips. You can even remove and replace them over and over again as your child gains confidence in forming different letters and numbers. As your child grows, the cards can be used together to help spell small words and begin developing early reading skills.

6. Wooden Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls

How adorable is this magnetic wooden dress-up doll? Kids will enjoy hours of imaginative role-play while dressing up the doll in a variety of magnetic outfits, including nap and nap outfits. You can enjoy it. Neatly packed in its own clear carrying case with a secure snap closure pocket, it’s the ideal go-to toy when you’re out at the restaurant or visiting friends.

7. Hape – Eggspressions – Game Of Feeling

Help your child explore and express their emotions with Egg-Ventrue role-play. Kids will have fun playing with 6 wooden egg toys, matching egg cups, and a storybook in this Egg Expressions emotion game. Role-playing is a great way to encourage your child to talk about their feelings and make sense of them. It can be difficult to identify when you are fearful, angry, excited, happy, sad, or embarrassed, which can lead to anger and frustration. This hilarious tale of Humpty Dumpty and his cousins ​​is a gentle way to introduce and talk to your child about these different emotions.

8. Haba Number Maze Magnetic Game

The HABA Number Maze Magnet Game is a great way to explore numbers with your child. Your child’s fine motor skills can be developed by using magnetic sticks to move colorful balls into position through a sturdy hardwood maze. While playing, they also practice number recognition, counting and basic sorting skills.

9. Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks And Boards

This pattern block and board set from Melissa & Doug offers a fun and engaging way to work with your child on shape recognition and spatial relationships. Includes 10 of her easy and colorful patterns for your child to imitate, and includes over 100 of her pattern blocks in 6 different shapes and colors. As you grow and become more confident, you can work on designing your own patterns.

10. Melissa And Doug My First Daily Magnetic Calendar

Another great educational toy for 3-year-olds is from Melissa & Doug. My First Magnetic Daily Diary is a great way to introduce your child to the concept of days and dates. Comes with 80 magnets containing numbers for years, months, dates, days of the week, holidays, emotions and special events. It can also be used before special events such as birthdays and outings, so it is also useful as a tool to encourage communication with your child.

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