Bent Johnson

Dec 07, 2022

Discover Your Style with These 9 Bedroom Decor Ideas

Out of every space in your home, your bedroom is the most personal – it should be a place where you feel perfectly comfortable and accommodated. Decorating your bedroom in a style that speaks to you is one way to ensure that it can be a welcoming escape from the hardships and stressors you might face during your day-to-day life. But we know that pinning down exactly which decorating style best represents you can be tough, especially without any points of reference. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of nine classic (yet trendy) bedroom decor ideas from which you can draw some inspiration.

1. Coastal Oasis

Coastal style is one of the best design aesthetics to adopt in your bedroom because of its breezy and relaxed vibe. To achieve this look and the ultimate retreat spot, we suggest you start by surrounding your bedroom with a variety of calming, beachy colors (think off white, sandy beige, soft gray, and tranquil blues, greens, and teals). Then swap in beachy materials like weathered wood, woven rattan/wicker, cotton, and linen. Use these ideas as inspiration:

  • Lay the foundation with a soft gray area rug with a subtle woven pattern.
  • Bring in bedroom furniture with white-washed stains to get the look of weathered wood (like the bed, dresser, and nightstand above), while keeping things light and fresh.
  • Dress the bed with off-white cotton bedding.
  • Mix things up with pure white linen sheets and pillowcases.
  • Add pops of color with throw pillows with yellow, sandy beige, and blue accents.
  • Mirror these colors in framed artwork above the bed.
  • Infuse green, leafy textures with houseplants.
  • Swap in woven rattan, wicker, or grass baskets for storage and cozy texture.
  • Add coastal decorative objects throughout your bedroom (think coral sculptures, driftwood, knotted sailing rope, seashells, and starfish).

2. Eclectic Bohemian

Are you a traveler or do you have artistic interests? A bohemian bedroom might be the one for you. When it’s done right, a space with bright, bohemian decor exudes creativity in a tasteful way. Bohemian design is all about neutral colors (think caramel brown, deep yellow, burnt orange, mauve, sage green, and olive green) intermixed with metallic accents and rich pops of your favorite colors (think jewel-toned blues like sapphire, purples like amethyst and magenta, rich red shades like ruby, or a combo of each!). Go all out with warm wood furnishings, woven textures, and vibrant patterns to create the bohemian space you deserve. Review these ideas for more inspiration:

  • Opt for a thick area rug with an eccentric pattern and fringed tassel ends.
  • Keep your bed neutral to draw the eye to your bedding.
  • Create cozy layers and texture with multiple blankets. Opt for an oversized plush comforter in a neutral tone to act as the base for two or three boho-inspired throw blankets.
  • Fill your bed with a variety of fun throw pillows of your choosing! You can’t go wrong with throw pillows featuring woven designs, fringe or tassel edges, and bold patterns.
  • When in doubt, opt for bedroom furniture in warm wood tones like the bookshelf and wall mirror pictured above.
  • Sneak in metallic accents like a gold-finish table lamp and copper-finished nightstand for a fun sheen.
  • Add even more texture with a boho-inspired pouf ottoman and woven basket storage.
  • Fill in the bare space with leafy green houseplants.

3. Distinguished Farmhouse

This list of bedroom decor ideas wouldn’t be complete without a nod to one of the most popular interior decor styles: farmhouse. You do not need to live on a farm to decorate your bedroom in farmhouse style! With emphasis on light and space, farmhouse style epitomizes timeless, homegrown elegance. Because farmhouse style incorporates down-to-earth, vintage-inspired elements into a refined palette, you can adapt the style to be more easygoing or more composed depending on your taste. Get the look with the help of these ideas:

  • Start with traditional, vintage-inspired furniture. You can’t go wrong with a traditional four-post bed, and an accent chair with nailhead trim.
  • When-in-doubt, choose white and cream finishes for your bed and other furniture. You can also opt for other neutrals like steel black and soft gray, but light colors help you connect to a vintage feel.
  • Opt for white or cream-colored bedding in a traditional style.
  • Nod to rustic industrial themes with wood and metal furniture like the nightstand pictured above.
  • Add traditional glam light fixtures like the small chandelier pictured above.
  • Contrast the light neutral aesthetic with a pale blue area rug, or another light shade of a color of your choosing.
  • Infuse rustic textures with woven basket storage. Or swap them out for repurposed wood apple crates or metal bins.

4. Retro Mid-Century Modern

Beautifully marrying retro shapes with modern refinement, mid-century modern style is an incredible choice for a striking, unconventional bedroom. Mid-century modern style is characterized by simple sleek lines, groovy silhouettes, and iconic light fixtures. Read below to achieve the look:

  • Make a statement with a retro-inspired area rug. Look for rugs featuring muted colors like orange, green, and blue for the best results.
  • Introduce a mid-century modern bed frame and headboard like the sleek wood bed design above.
  • Position a bedroom bench with thin tapered legs to stay true to mid-century modern silhouettes.
  • Hang abstract artwork above your bed and throughout your room.
  • Light your bedside with space-saving mid-century globe wall sconces.
  • Dress the bed with rich-colored bedding in burnt orange, olive green, mustard yellow, sage green, or rich navy to connect to mid-century modern color schemes.
  • Look for furniture, rugs, throw blankets, and pillows made of velvet, mohair, faux fur, leather, corduroy, and shag textures.
  • Complete your mid-century bedroom aesthetic with a side table fit for a modern art museum.

5. Effortlessly Scandinavian

A more understated, casual take on minimalism, Scandinavian style is soothing and serene. Where other modern styles might prioritize aesthetics before utility, Scandinavian decorating places emphasis on function: Furniture pieces are sturdy, storage units are spacious, and textiles are warm. Scandinavian style can be very diverse, looking anywhere from vintage to modern depending on the materials and accessories you select. A Scandinavian color palette favors warm wood tones and clean white surfaces. Read below for Scandi ideas to implement in your bedroom.

  • Go for blond-toned solid wood furniture whenever possible to resemble those found in Scandi aesthetics. Match a blond wood bed with a dresser, wardrobe, and nightstand for a clean, uniform vibe.
  • Choose multipurpose furniture pieces like the storage bed above to fulfill the functional nature of Scandi rooms.
  • Opt for bedding and throw pillows in neutral colors. Scandinavian design loves high-contrast interiors, so feel free to blend white, cream, or light gray bedding with black sheets, throw pillows, and throw blankets.
  • Contrast white walls or floors with sleek black light fixtures like the floor lamp pictured above.
  • Swap in a Scandinavian wishbone-style chair for a nod to clean wood forms.
  • Break up the neutral, clean-lined aesthetic with faux animal skin rugs positioned around the room.
  • Hang neutral abstract artwork to blend with modern furnishings. Scandinavian design loves nature, so you can’t go wrong with landscapes or nature prints either!
  • Add interest with smooth ceramic details like a decorative vase.

6. Rich & Luxurious

Every time you step into your glam bedroom, you’ll feel like you’re indulging in an ultra-luxurious experience created just for you. Glam decor exudes an almost regal grandness; oversized motifs, metallic accents, rich textiles, and plush upholstery give the entire space a lavish, larger-than-life impact. Get inspired with these glam bedroom ideas:

  • Infuse your bedroom with elements of grandeur by swapping in a four-post canopy bed. If you can choose a canopy bed with a metallic frame and a tufted, upholstered headboard – even better!
  • Cover the bed in luxe, quality bedding materials. Opt for ultra-plush down & feather pillows and comforters. Choose breathable linen sheets for summer and luxurious Egyptian cotton options for winter.
  • Swap in pillow shams featuring glam statement colors (think gray, pink, and black) and glam designs (think animal print, beaded, and glitter-lined)
  • Frame the end of your bed with a button-tufted bench in a sleek velvet material.
  • Instantly glamify nightstand sets with identical glass table lamps.
  • Add hints of luxury around the room with gold decorative objects.

7. Upscale French Country

With its emphasis on regal, romantic shapes and details, French-country style is a slightly more upscale take on farmhouse. French-country style is an amazing choice if you’re looking to create a quaint but elegant bedroom vibe. Review this list to get the look:

  • Make your bed the central element to your French-country bedroom with a canopy bed you can add curtains to or leave as is.
  • For sheets, stick with quality materials like linen, Egyptian cotton, or silk.
  • For bedding, stick with light, frilly designs like the ruffled bedspread and pillow shams pictured above. This adds a whimsical, breezy feel to the room. You can’t go wrong with white, cream, taupe, or mauve bedding colors.
  • Keep bedroom furniture traditional and elegant. The vintage-inspired nailhead accent chairs pictured above bring a timeless, sophisticated vibe to the room.
  • Add touches of gold to the room with ornately-detailed throw pillows.
  • Opt for decadent light fixtures like a crystal chandelier or table lamp sets equipped with a sculptural base.
  • Frame windows with large patterned curtains that add height and elegance to the room.

8. Simply Minimal

Create a space free of distractions by decorating it minimally. Like most modern decorating styles, minimalism entails clean, sleek lines and simple geometric shapes; however, according to minimalism, fine details are omitted to leave you with a fresh, unpunctuated space. Review these minimalist bedroom must-haves for inspiration:

  • Opt for a low-profile modern bed frame. Forgo the headboard for an even more minimalistic look.
  • Focus on quality sheets like linen or cotton to maintain a fresh, clean ambience.
  • When choosing bedding, go with smooth, textureless comforters made from materials like linen, cotton, or microfiber.
  • Look for bedding in neutral or muted colors (think white, pale blue, light pink, sage green, and soft gray) to create a relaxing space. The abstract pattern on the comforter above brings character to the room with relatively neutral colors.
  • Choose furniture with slim profiles and tapered or splayed legs like the side table and nightstand pictured above. This helps keep things open and airy – minimizing clutter.
  • Keep light fixtures basic and paired-back. The glass table lamp above keeps things open and simple.
  • Feature a wall mirror to reflect natural light and open up the space.

9. Apartment-Friendly Industrial

Emphasizing function over form, industrial style is an amazing utilitarian choice, especially for small spaces. Favoring exposed structures over bulky, closed shapes, industrial furniture and decor is less obtrusive than traditional furniture pieces. This decor style is especially conducive to apartment layouts, as popular apartment features like exposed brick and hardwood floors would fit right in with the industrial decor. Get some ideas for your industrial-themed bedroom aesthetic below:

  • Connect to industrial materials with a black metal bed frame and metal nightstand.
  • Stick to a neutral color palette for bedding. Accent white bedding with gray, brown, or black throw pillows and blankets or pair soft gray sheets with black bedding for another industrial-inspired color combo.
  • Feature exposed Edison bulb wall lights or opt for metallic copper pendants to achieve the industrial factory effect.
  • Introduce a rustic contrast with a cowhide print accent chair or rug.
  • When in doubt, look for bedroom furniture pieces that feature metal and wood together like a wood and metal bed frame, bookshelf, desk, or dresser.
  • Add the finishing touch to your industrial bedroom with metallic decorative objects or sculptures.