Bent Johnson

Nov 11, 2022

Best Underwear For Mens

In case you haven’t noticed underwear is definitely having a moment. Earlier this fall Bella Hadid hit the streets of NYC sporting a leather jacket, a pair of UGG’s and some loose-fitting underwear, our recent Highsnobiety cover star Julia Fox also stepped out in spring wearing her briefs with an untethered version of a Canadian-tuxedo and Kylie Jenner wore a pair of tighty-whities to attend the LOEWE’s SS23 show.

While we’re certainly not suggesting you brave the outdoors in just a pair of boxers or panties, we fully support the rekindled attention these stars are bringing to underwear. But, you may ask, if you’re not going all-out and wearing it as pants, why should you care what your underwear looks like?

Because underwear is the first thing we put on our bodies. Ostensibly, it’s our entry point from shapeless meat-sack to style-conscious and self-aware individual. It’s how our partners see us, as we make coffee in the morning to get ready for another day of WFH from the couch. Reduced to our nakedness, nice underwear is how we start the fashion conversation with ourselves, so, it’s highly worth considering a more cognizant approach to what’s going on beneath the drip.

Shop designer underwear below.

1) Patta Women’s Underwear Brief


Women’s Underwear Brief



Now I have nothing against the classic all-white pair, but depending on your preference black may be the better option. The contrast logo along the waistband gives the briefs a nice touch.

2) Marine Serre Organic Cotton Ribbed Boxers

Organic Cotton Ribbed Boxers


Sagging is cool but usually looks better when you’ve got the right branding holding down your nether region. If the folks checking you out aren’t up on Marine Serre yet, they’ll be getting a great introduction.

3) Diesel UMBX-Jarl-R Boxers

UMBX-Jarl-R Boxers   $50    DIESEL

Loose fitting boxers are great if you prefer to keep things, you know, loose, but there’s something to be said about undies that offer a bit of compression. These Diesel boxers fall right into that category and offer comfortability, and protection in a low key, black and red package.

4) A-COLD-WALL* Core Boxers

Honestly it’s time to move past luxury skater undies and tap into other designers like a A-COLD-WALL*. What you see is what you get, a solid pair of briefs from one of the most innovative designers currently in the game.

 Core Boxers  $60   A-COLD-WALL*

5) Calvin Klein Pack of 3 Cotton-Blend Trunks

calvin klein mens underwear

Pack of 3 Cotton-Blend Trunks     $45     CALVIN KLEIN

A fresh pair of boxers is a gift to yourself that keeps on giving, but three pairs? Calvin Klein knows exactly we truly need, and the waistband even comes in three colors so no one thinks you’re sporting the same pair for days.

6) Tom Ford Cotton-Blend Jersey Briefs

Cotton-Blend Jersey Briefs  $55 TOM FORD

I highly doubt the term ‘tighty brownies’ will ever catch on (for good reason) but Tom Ford’s offering is a pleasure for those of us that can’t stand things like white socks or undies.