Bent Johnson

Dec 21, 2022

Best Online Sites To Find And Book Concert Tickets

Gone are the days when people used to line up outside the ticket kiosks to get tickets for concerts. But then, that was the only option. You will hear funny anecdotes of people camping outside the ticket counters to get hold of tickets that used to run out really fast.

Today, when everything is online, you can book tickets from the convenience of your house. Some people also find buying tickets useful because they do not have to spend their precious time in a line somewhere missing work. 

Also by buying tickets online, you get to see the seating chart where you can pay for the spot that you want and also choose to skip the event if you do not find the seat to be value for money. There are many more added benefits of booking tickets online. 

With the addition of new players in the market, you can always find discounts somewhere and there are also no worries of losing the paper ticket because you receive the tickets on your device itself.

We have combined for you the Best Sites to Find and Book Concert Tickets online. This will help you understand your options and enhance your experience.

Best Sites To Book Concert Tickets Online

1. TicketMaster

One of the biggest players in the online ticketing business, it is hard to believe that it automatically did not pop into your head when thinking about booking tickets online.

Why TicketMaster?

  • The biggest reason is TicketMaster has proved its reliability since the time it appeared on the market. There are millions of live events that you can find tickets to on this platform.
  • It is not always that people can follow through with the plans that they have made. If you feel like you cannot make it to an event that you already got the tickets to you can resell the tickets on this platform and get your money back.
  • Many events sell their tickets exclusively through TicketMaster as the platform partners with them. On rare occasions, you can also find tickets to shows that you will not find anywhere else.
  • The site is always buzzing with the news of new events. This updates you about events that you may not have even heard of outside the platform.
  • You can also purchase gift cards on the platform to pass them to the friends that love attending shows. The gift cards can be redeemed easily and make for a nice and thoughtful gift.
  • The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. There is a very low probability of you not finding something that you are looking for.
  • The platform also allows you to upload reviews about the event that you attended. This feature also allows the event managers to comprehend the success of the show that they organised.
  • If you connect your Facebook account to TicketMaster, you can also find out what shows your friends have recently attended. This makes it easier for you to bond over the same kind of events in the future.
  • If someone attending the event with you is disabled, you can also find easily accessible seats for them on the platform. There is a dedicated section for the same.
  • If the show that you booked tickets to gets cancelled, you automatically get a refund on the payment method that you used to pay for the tickets originally. This makes the refunds hassle-free.
  • You can also find a dedicated blog on the website where you can find advice on different topics like travel destinations, artist stories, and also upcoming events.

2. Live Nation

This website is a great option for you if you want to filter events based on the location, or the artist. There are great filters in the place.

Why Live Nation?

  • There are a huge number of events that you can buy tickets to through this website. The site is reliable and holds partnerships with a lot of events. The company has also been around with different names since 1997.
  • Live Nation is currently in partnership with TicketMaster to create one platform for buying tickets online. You get the benefits of two platforms in one.
  • The company works with different divisions and dedicated teams to handle each division to give the customers the best live concert experience possible.
  • Live Nation as a company is also very conscious about its environmental footprint and sustainability. The company is committed to reducing the waste produced by them and reducing its carbon footprint to move towards the goal of sustainable development.
  • The company has great work ethics and the employees working with the company get a lot of benefits.
  • The website is easy to navigate and the filters on the website make it really easy to find the events and artists you are looking for in your preferred location.
  • You can sign up on the platform for exclusive benefits like the presale of tickets before anyone else is able to buy them. This helps you to get the preferred seats that you want.
  • You can also read different articles on the platform about your favourite artists so that you always stay updated.

3. Stub Hub

You can find concert tickets and also sports and theatre tickets on this platform. It is a great option for buying tickets online.

Why Stub Hub?

  • You can filter the upcoming concerts with the name of the preferred artists. This helps you stay updated with the upcoming shows of your favourite artists.
  • You do not have to settle for just concert tickets. You can also find tickets to theatre and sports on the same platform.
  • The platform guarantees you a hundred percent guarantee for all the orders made on the platform.
  • You can buy as well as sell the tickets on the platform. If you have some tickets to a concert or event that you can no longer make it to, you can sell the tickets on this platform.
  • You can also buy a gift card to gift the people in your life that like to go to the concerts. 
  • There is a helpful community related to the platform where you can connect with other users and also mention if you have some issues.
  • There is also a dedicated help centre if the community is not able to help you with the issues on the platform.
  • Whenever you sell any tickets on the platform, you also get an on-time payment guarantee.
  • You can also get personalised recommendations for events after you sign-up on the platform.
  • You can also get loyalty perks with the partners of the platform. There are 130 partners on the platform that you can get benefits.
  • The platform also gives back to charities.

4. Seat Geek

This platform mentioned in their own words is a mobile-focused ticketing platform. It is a great place to buy tickets for concerts and sports.

Why Seat Geek?

  • You can buy as well as sell tickets for concerts, sports as well as theatre. There is always a new option available if you get bored with the first one.
  • The site is the best place to compare tickets. You do not need to go visit each ticketing website individually. Seat Geek compares the prices and benefits of all the platforms selling tickets for an event and then presents them to you.
  • They have an interactive 3D map feature that can help you identify the exact position of your seats and what else will be available in the vicinity. This technological advancement sure does take Seat Geek one notch higher than other platforms.
  • They have a deal score system on the platform where they compare thousands of deals and give them a rating. Through this feature, you can always make sure if you are getting a great deal or you are getting ripped off.
  • You can follow your favourite artists on the platform and you will be receiving personalised recommendations for the events brought by your favourite artists.
  • The notifications on the platform are really helpful in keeping you updated with the latest shows in town so that you do not miss out on anything.
  • The website of the platform is very accessible and user-friendly. Also since they focus mainly on the mobile experience, you will find their app to be very useful as well.
  • The platform likes to keep the costs transparent so that you do not feel like you were overcharged without informing first.
  • You can easily get a refund if the event that you paid for gets cancelled.

5. TicketCity

You can find reliable tickets to many events around you using TicketCity. The platform has been around since 1990.

Why TicketCity?

  • Find tickets to live events, concerts, sports, and theatre performances near you. The site is reliable and boasts of serving more than 1 million fans since its debut in the year 1990.
  • They offer a hundred percent buyer guarantee. If they cannot provide you with tickets on time, you can get your money back.
  • They provide you with many other in-demand services that you may need to attend your event. These include Parking, hotels, event packages, and group seats.
  • They also offer VIP seats. If you are willing to pay extra, these tickets may be a great option for you.
  • On the site, you can always find a trending section that is updated with the most popular events in the world.
  • The site also allows you to sell tickets if you are not able to attend any event and want to get your money back.
  • The site has an affiliate program that you can join in order to earn a little more money on the side.
  • They have a very dedicated help centre with many different options to contact them. You can email, call or use the live chatbot on their platform to get support on your problem.
  • The site also confirms that they take extra measures to keep your information completely safe. You can shop on the platform without the worry of data leaks.
  • You can also find other helpful resources on the site like Venue guides and seating charts. They also help you with finding accommodation nearby to the event if you are travelling outside your city to attend an event.
  • They only sell legitimate tickets on the platform so you can be assured that you will not be scammed. And you are also eligible for a refund if your event gets cancelled.

6. RazorGator

Find tickets to concerts, MLB, NHL, NBA, and more. The site has been around selling tickets for the last 18 years.

Why RazorGator?

  • The prices on the platform are sometimes really low in comparison to other websites. This can be your go-to for cheaper concert tickets.
  • The site is reliable and has an experience of around 18 years. The site has been updated regularly at different time intervals to suit the needs of the users including the suggestions received from the users.
  • They only allow trustworthy resellers to sell tickets on the platform. They go the extra mile to make sure that the tickets you receive are authentic and genuine.
  • You can find prices to be above or below the face value. This is great when the tickets are priced lower than the face value. This can help you save even more money.
  • There are great filters on the website where you can search for events according to the artist, venue, or team.
  • They have a hundred percent money-back guarantee in place if they are not able to provide you with the experience that they mention.
  • There is a 10-15% save guaranteed on every ticket purchase you make through this site.
  • There is a trending section on the website to stay updated with the most popular events.
  • There is a great algorithm on the website that rates your deals on a scale. You can easily find out whether the deal you are getting is good or not.
  • They also have a well-built mobile application for ease of access.
  • In case the event that you paid for gets cancelled, you will get a refund.
  • You will always get your tickets on time so that you can get to the event on time. This is even mentioned in their guarantees.
  • In case there is some emergency, they also replace the tickets that you purchased with some other ticket of equal value.

7. Vivid Seats

One of the best sites to buy concert tickets as well as sports, comedy shows, and theatre tickets.

Why Vivid Seats?

  • The site offers many rewards on the tickets that you purchase through Vivid Seats. This is a unique feature that you will hardly see on other ticket selling platforms.
  • You can buy as well as sell the tickets on the platform. Selling tickets really comes in handy when you enthusiastically purchased tickets to an event that you can no longer make it to.
  • They have a regularly updated trending section where you can stay updated about the upcoming events of your favourite artists and musicians. All the information about the concerts in your locality is up on the website when you search for it.
  • They have an exclusive news section on the website where you can also read about everything related to an event or artist. The section is regularly updated from trustworthy sources.
  • They also provide a hundred percent buyer guarantee to get authentic tickets at the right time. This ensures that you do not have to worry about any scams on this platform.
  • People are really sceptical when it is time to pay online and add their card information. This information is sensitive and therefore, the site also provides a safe transaction guarantee where none of your sensitive information is leaked.
  • They have a great customer service section where you can get help for any issues you are facing on the website.
  • You can also purchase gift cards on the platform to present to someone who regularly attends events.
  • They also have an affiliate program. It can help you make some passive income if you decide to join.
  • If you manage to gather enough rewards on the site through your purchases, you may even be able to get some free tickets in the process.

8. Good Seat

This is the website that you would like to visit if you are looking for cheap tickets and that is your main agenda.

Why Good Seat?

  • The site is really secure and you can easily make transactions here without having to worry about data breaches. According to the stats on the site, over 2 million clients make the base of this platform.
  • You can find ticket agents on call. This allows you to book tickets through a live phone call if you do not like to buy tickets the conventional way online.
  • As stated above, this site is the place where you will find cheaper tickets as compared to other platforms. 
  • It operates in many countries around the world, suggesting local event tickets that you may easily find near you.
  • They have an on-time ticket guarantee in place. You do not have to miss an event due to your tickets being late.
  • If the event that you already paid for gets cancelled and there is no reschedule in the future, you will get your money back. You do not need to fear your money getting stuck that way.
  • There are many ratings and reviews available for the site if you are worried about the platform’s authenticity. The platform has been around since the year 2010 and many people have trusted the platform with their tickets.

9. Tickets To Go

If you are one of those who always forget to plan ahead and are in need of last-minute help, this site is a gem for you.

Why Tickets To Go?

  • This site offers you what other sites may not really give you even after paying for a lot of premium subscriptions. That is last-minute access to the sold-out shows.
  • They have a trending section where you can look for the events that are popular near you if you are unaware of any dates and timings of the shows. This website has got you covered.
  • The site is completely secure and you do not need to worry about any transactions that you make on this site.
  • The tickets are covered with a hundred percent guarantee. You will always receive the tickets on time and the tickets will be authentic.
  • They also have a feature of making sure that if you buy tickets together, the seats will be side by side unless they exclusively state it on the website. This is great if you are attending with someone and do not want to have separate seats.
  • If the event that you bought tickets to gets cancelled for some reason, you will receive a full refund from the site. You can also receive a ticket to the rescheduled event if there is any.
  • You will also see that the site provides many reliable discounts. The tickets that you buy here are instant but still, you will not be charged a bomb for them.


We have combined a list of the best platforms where you can look for concert tickets. Some of them are on a budget and some of them are for exclusive benefits in exchange for a little extra money.

All of these sites have been visited personally and made sure to be safe. Still, if you are making transactions online, you should be aware of the reviews and customer experience of the site.