Bent Johnson

Mar 04, 2023

9 Best Clothing Stores For Kids

Children and their clothing are always growing and changing, so you need to know the best places to click so you can keep up with your kids’ needs.

To find out which stores offer the best deals on durable, great pieces, we asked childcare experts, parenting bloggers, and real parents to clue us in to their favorite sites to shop for the best children’s clothing.

Gap Kids,

First up, we heard from Vicky Smith, the mother of two behind the parenting and expectant mother website The Mummy Bubble.

“My top pick for kids’ clothes is Gap Kids,” Vicky tells us. “It’s not the cheapest however they regularly have sales that heavily discount items. I love the fact the clothes are on trend but are still really fun so they’re perfect for children. My favorite purchase for my kids over the years has been the Gap hoodies, which come out great in the wash and have been passed down between my two little ones as they last so well.”


Parenting and education expert Dr. Karen Aronian reached out with two suggestions based on sustainability that happen to save some money, too.

“I believe in recycling clothes, they’re healthier for kids, and they are more beneficial for our planet,” Dr. Aronian wrote, suggesting sites like ThredUp are great for finding secondhand clothes that won’t break the bank.

Kissy Kissy,

When it comes to durability, softness, and comfort, you can’t go wrong with Kissy Kissy. Founded in 1996, the brand uses only premium Peruvian Pima cotton so your baby’s wardrobe will stand up to the frequent washings they demand, as their first priority is ensuring their pieces stand the test of time so you get your money’s worth in wears and have a precious memory to hold onto once your little one starts becoming not-so-little.

Every piece is crafted to feel like a calming snuggle on your baby’s skin, and the little flourishes you’ll find on each take them from basic to precious thanks to details like hand-emroidering, ruffles, or perhaps a bit extra smocking to make something that’s just as cute as it is reliable. They also offer free shipping over $50, and there are plenty of unisex options available for parents who want a surprise on delivery day.


Dr. Aronian also suggested eBay for thrift clothing items. The online auction site is filled with gently used and brand new clothes for folks of all ages, and you can type in your specific preferences for styles, age groups, price range, color, and any other category, and endless options will appear. Some you may end up bidding on, but plenty of eBay sellers offer plenty of pieces at “buy now” prices in case you’re not thrilled at the prospect of a bidding war.


Next, we heard from Nicole Johnson, the President and Lead Sleep Consultant at The Baby Sleep Site, a site founded in 2008 where tens of thousands of families have learned techniques and tips to get their little ones to get better rest. Nicole, the mother to two boys, told us:

“My favorite children’s clothing store is Kohl’s. Great sales for children growing quickly! Most of the clothes are still in good shape by the time they need the next size up and the website is easy to navigate. You can also earn Kohl’s Cash toward your next purchase and it saves coupons for you automatically.”

Old Navy,

“We love shopping at Old Navy for our toddler’s clothes,” Jannine MacKinnon says of her top pick for one-stop kid shopping. Jannine is a motherhood content creator with a 20k-strong following on Instagram, Pinterest, and a vibrant community on her own website. She continues:

“They have a great selection, fit my slim-built kids, and have fantastic sales. With online ordering and having everything from clothing to accessories to outerwear, they’re the one-stop-shop you need for your kid’s clothes.”

A second hat tip to Old Navy came from Linsey Knerl, an author, content creator, and mom to six boys–five of them under 17! Linsey loves Old Navy because in her words:

“They always have a large assortment of staples that regularly go on sale, and they offer sizing for kids with a variety of body styles. From jeans to sweats to tees, we can easily get items for around $10 apiece with their combination of sales and using their Old Navy Super Cash program. My kids can also sport tees that show off their personality, including shirts with bands, video games, and themes like space or dinosaurs. Compared to licensed tees at other stores, we pay around half. It’s truly an affordable way for a single-income family with LOTS of boys to shop.”


Lauren Levy is a San-Francisco-based mom, safe sleep advocate, and the founder at handy website, where you can find advice on everything from sleep safety (naturally) to inventive baby names that don’t sound dated or too hip. Lauren helped us out with two different picks, starting with Zara:

“Zara is by far my favorite clothing store for babies, toddlers, and kids. They sell high-quality pieces in muted earth tones with interesting textures. I love that there aren’t any ugly designs and that most of their clothing is in solid colors or subtle patterns.”

Childhoods Clothing,

Lauren’s second recommendation is perfect for basics and genderless clothing that can be passed around and worn by several babies, especially considering the great quality.

“Childhoods Clothing is a premium brand that makes the cutest slim fit joggers and matching sweatshirts in muted earth tones like basil, terra cotta, and flax. Their french terry fabrics have been pre-washed so they launder beautifully. Plus, most of their designs are gender neutral so they can be worn by any future kiddos you may have!”


As a parenting coach, teacher, and blogger at, Lauren Tingley knows her way around kid’s clothes. Lauren’s suggestion for us is, a site that prides itself on “no labels, no slogans” and promises sustainability and softness in its offerings. Lauren reports:

“My favorite children’s clothing comes from I love that all of their items are easy to coordinate making it possible for even the youngest children to dress themselves. They are also sensory-friendly and made without tags or irritating seams. The classic colors and patterns are stylish and fun too allowing kids to show off a bit of style and personality.”