Bent Johnson

Apr 17, 2023

20 of the Best Online Sporting Goods Stores

The online sporting goods industry is a multi-billion dollar business. The industry, however, is seeing a major shift in consumers’ purchasing habits. Sporting goods retail stores have grown 40 percent over 2011-2016 while the online sporting goods stores grew a whopping 159 percent.

This means a decrease in store traffic especially as people become more dependent and confident in online shopping. Sportswear companies are also investing in their presence online. Nike, for example, has a Nike+ mobile app while Under Armour has its retail mobile app, UA shop, which recommends products based on data harvested from the brand’s connected fitness apps.

List of Online Sporting Goods Stores

1. Amazon

It has the most diversified stock at variety and prices in the market. From its site, you can access different brands at attractive prices. The product reviews accompanying each product help you understand what other customers are going for and make an informed choice.

Their wide variety ensures that all categories of sporting goods customers access the items they intend to purchase. Amazon also offers international shopping, thus, making it appropriate for sports lovers regardless of their locations.

2. Eastbay

They stock items for various sports ranging from athletics, soccer, to skating. They major in renowned brands and operate a dedicated tab on their online site for new releases. The brands you will find in their stores include Adidas, Levi’s, Asics, Converse, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Timberland, The North Face, Fila, and Mizuno. If you are looking for the latest sporting item on the market, you will quickly get it at Eastbay.


They also run discounts which sometimes go as high as 25% of the product’s price. They have a smartphone application through which you can access the online store. Importantly, the application will ensure that you keep abreast with their blog and get to be informed about news in the sporting world as well as their current and upcoming releases.

3. eBay

It is arguably the world’s leading price-relevant sporting goods store. They stock thousands of sporting items from tens of brands. They are unique in that they stock both new and used products.

If you are looking to acquire a sporting item and do not have enough money, eBay will offer you the option of buying a used item directly from the person selling it.

They are categorical on the quality and so even though it will be slightly used, it will be almost the same as new. As a result, you will access a quality sporting item at the lowest price ever. Their new products are unique and are sold at considerably fair prices.

4. Dick’s Sporting Goods

They are among the largest online sporting goods stores in the United States. They stock products for almost all the sports items from soccer balls, bicycles, sneakers, golf items, to volleyball equipment among others. What is more, they run amazing discounts which will help you save considerable amounts of money.


They have live customer support to address any issues that you may have. They also offer flash sales at different times in the years, and all you need to do is check out from their store as you will access products at a quarter or even half the price. Dick’s Sporting Goods often offer customers an opportunity to place an order and pick it in hours at preferred stores.

5. Champ Sports

They stock a wide variety of soccer, basketball, athletics, golf, and tennis products. When you purchase items worth $75 and above, Champ Sports will offer you free shipping. If you are shopping on your birthday, they will give you birthday discounts, and if you are a military officer, you will receive military discounts on the items you purchase.

They stock storing items ranging from sneakers, accessories, and equipment from brands such as Adidas, Puma, Fila, and Nike among others. They offer a live chat so you can clarify any issues and an option to subscribe and become a VIP buyer where you will receive $10 off on all future purchases and updates on exclusive offers.

6. Academy Sports

They stock clothing, shoes, and accessories for all sports. Their site is interactive and allows you to see the best deals of the day. If you are a military officer, you will access a 10% discount on your purchases.

They have a dedicated segment for outdoor living where they stock all items you would need such as portable furniture to clothing. If you are planning to engage in any sporting activity, Academy Sports will have appropriate items for your needs.

7. Modell’s Sporting Goods

Unlike other online stores which allow you to search by category, in Modell’s Sporting Goods, you can search by keywords. They stock anything sporty from shoes, sandals, pants, game hats, apparel, and accessories. They also run a fan shop where you can shop for items from your favorite sporting club.

Their top brands include Adidas, Easton, Nike, Asics, Capelli Sport, Skechers, Wilson, Unipro, and Timberland.

8. Sports Direct

Sports Direct offers sporting products ranging from football, golf, skiing, kids tracksuits, women’s running clothing, men, women, and kids trainers, to roller shoes. They offer international shipping, and all you will need to do is contact them and understand the options available.


Their famous brands include Slazenger, under armor, USA pro, Firetrap, Nike, and Adidas. They have gained popularity in the sporting world over time due to the high quality of goods that they stock. When you shop with them, your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

9. Proozy

It offers a wide range of sporting items for both men and women in golf and other outdoor sports and activities. They have a section on their online platform dedicated to the offers of the day.

A majority of the products Proozy displays on their site are reviewed, and this will allow you, as a customer, to understand the functionality and unique qualities of the product.

Besides having attractive discounts, they run a robust blog where they aim at enhancing the sporting activities of their customers, who they refer to as proozers. If you are satisfied with the product, you bought from them, or it facilitated your achieving of sporting goals, they offer an opportunity where you can tell your story.

10. Holabird Sports

They are a family-owned company offering running, squash, tennis, and racquetball items. They have a wide variety of sporting shoes in addition to sporting accessories, apparel, and equipment. They also stock GPS sports watches, hydration bottles, and packs.

Holabird Sports offer free shipping on some of their products, and if you feel that you need it to be delivered fast, you will only have to part with $4. On every product that they stock, they will share their price and the average market price to show you the amount of money you will be saving by purchasing from them.

11. Lacrosse Unlimited

They run a more analytical online store that notifies you of the market trends. For instance, they have a section for the best-selling products, best styles for 2018 among others. Lacrosse Unlimited allows you to filter products by brand, so you do not have to waste time on the site trying to locate your desired product.


They are increasingly establishing themselves in the market as a custom shop, thus, allowing customers to access personalized products.

12. Sun & Ski

As the same suggests, they offer sporting products for outdoor sports from biking, swimming, to skiing. Their products are from brands such as Chaco, Hyperlite, Birkenstock, Patagonia, Billabong,

The North Face, Orbea, and Sperry. If you intend to purchase a sporting item at discount and you are not in a hurry to acquire the item, you will only need to check their site for upcoming mega sales.

From there you will save up to 40% and sometimes half of the product price. Sun & Ski also offers free shipping for orders above $50. When you buy from them, you will also have an option of shipping to any of their stores where you can collect the item.

13. Online Sports

They have been in the industry since 1995 during which they have gained considerable experience. They offer a live chat option where they answer any customer questions. Their shipping rates vary with the location of the customer. However, they have free shipping for more than 20,000 of their products.

Online Sports stocks products in baseball, basketball, biking, football, hockey, table tennis, volleyball, track and field events, gymnastics, fitness cycling, and billiards among others. They give a 90-day return period for you to return any faulty or damaged products.

14. Fox Sports

Fox Sports offer a limited range of product but guarantee on the quality. They stock NFL apparel, NBA and NHL merchandise, and MLB gear. They also offer golf and soccer products. They provide a dedicated section for new arrivals in the industry so that you will look trendy. Their authority in the American sporting industry means that they understand sports and will offer you attractive products.

15. Dunham’s Sports

They have been in the industry since 1937. They offer a wide range of spotting items ranging from footwear, apparel, to accessories for people of all ages and gender. Dunham’s Sports‘ prices are considered fair. The store has a section for what they call ‘hot deals’ where you can access items that are on offer.

They have an international audience and accompany that with international shipping. They have a sportsmen’s club program where you can access discounts on all the fishing, outdoor gear, and hunting items. They stock popular brands of sporting goods which make their store a one-stop-shop for sporting goods.

They are also quick to address any customer questions, and this will ensure that you are not stranded on their site.

16. Lifestyle Sports

They are located in the United Kingdom and offer products for sports ranging from football, rugby, to athletics. They offer a wide variety of products from the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), indicating the emphasis they have on athletics. The products they stock are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor sporting activities.

Lifestyle Sports provides customer reviews on the online store so that you can learn what other customers are saying about their products. Importantly, the reviews will be published on the website in real-time. They stock products from brands such as Nike, Adidas, Asics, Ellesse, New Balance, Puma, and Vans.

17. Hyperwear

They specialize in fitness and gymnastic products. They largely stock steel bell, softball, fit ruck, sandbell, sand rope, and hyper vest. Theirs is not just retailing products, but creating experiences. Besides the online store, Hyperwear operates a studio where they train people and monitor them through fitness journeys. Their specialization in fitness enables them to be authoritative in the area.


From their online store, they promise that the customer will have a 30-day money-back guarantee considering the results that one will have achieved. Their person-specific service ensures that customers identify the products they are looking for and are sure about the quality of those products.

18. Sportchek

They are among the leading online stores for sporting goods in Canada. Sportchek provides three-dimension images for the products it stocks on its online store, thus, allowing you to interact with the product more before purchasing it. They offer products for biking, skiing, soccer, basketball, and baseball among other sports.

Their popular brands include Fitbit, Nike, Adidas, Vans, Under Armour, Conserve, Asics, and Woods. Their products will ensure that you comfortably perform your sporting activities regardless of whether you are a professional sportsperson or an enthusiast.

19. Sporting Life

They are a one-stop shop for sportswear and casual clothing. From their store, you will access sporting items from footwear, equipment, apparel, to bicycles. Sporting Life‘s online store allows you to filter the products based on the intended use of the item, for instance, women, men, boys, and girls.

They are also the organizers of the SL10K run in Canada which attracts thousands of athletes annually and helps spread the message of the importance of fitness besides raising money for charity.

The store aligns sporting products to your lifestyle by offering items on fashion, golf, athletics, cycling, running, outdoor activities, skiing, snowball, swimming, and tennis. Their popular brands include The North Face, Patagonia, Adidas, Under Armour, Nike, Polo, and Barbour among others.

20. Sports Experts

Sports Experts offer sporting products for all sports, recreational activities, and fitness activities. The price of the products at a wide range of prices in such a way that all levels of customers can access products based on their needs.

They also regularly publish a newsletter on the offers that they have and the news in the sporting industry. As the name suggests, they are experts in providing sports products owing to their variety and quality guarantee.