Bent Johnson

Mar 09, 2023

18 Best Sports Articles Design For Inspiration

While I cannot provide you with a list of “18 Best Sports Blogs Design” specifically, I can give you a list of sports blogs known for their design and user experience. Here are 8 popular sports blogs that can serve as inspiration for your own design:

ESPN: ESPN’s website offers a clean and visually appealing design, with a focus on multimedia content and easy navigation.

Bleacher Report: Bleacher Report features a dynamic and modern design with a strong emphasis on engaging visuals and user-generated content.

The Ringer: The Ringer’s blog showcases a minimalist design with an emphasis on typography and a clean, easy-to-read layout.

SB Nation: SB Nation’s sports blogs have a consistent design across different team-based sites, offering a user-friendly experience with a mix of articles, multimedia, and community engagement.

Deadspin: Deadspin’s blog features a unique and edgy design, incorporating bold visuals, vibrant colors, and a distinctive writing style.

Sports Illustrated: Sports Illustrated’s website combines a sleek design with high-quality imagery and multimedia content, providing an immersive sports experience.

The Athletic: The Athletic focuses on a subscription-based model, offering an ad-free experience with a clean and clutter-free design that puts the emphasis on quality journalism and in-depth analysis.

FanSided: FanSided offers a network of sports blogs with a consistent design, providing a visually appealing experience with easy navigation and engaging content.

These blogs showcase a variety of design approaches, from clean and minimalist to bold and dynamic. Exploring them can inspire you to create a design that aligns with your brand and engages your target audience. Remember to consider the specific needs and preferences of your sports blog’s target audience while incorporating elements of inspiration from these blogs.