Bent Johnson

Apr 19, 2023

11 Peel & Stick Wallpapering Tips for Spring Décor

1. Patterned Stairs: Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Stairs

home depot stairs

Try this chic quatrefoil design on the front-facing part of your stairs. It pairs well with white walls and most trim colors. Plus it doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind, so you can easily switch it every season with a different pattern or color.

2. Bookshelf Wallpaper: The Bookshelf Backsplash


If you are looking to wallpaper the back of a bookshelf, this black and silver lattice design adds a glamorous modern look to a solid white bookshelf. Add a few white accent pieces to your shelves such as a basket or vase to complete the look.

3. Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Dresser Drawers


Have an old dresser that could use a makeover? Try applying peel and stick wallpaper to only the drawers to give it a contrasting look. Distressed wood is a popular look right now with furniture. Try this blue distressed wood design to give your dresser a more rustic look.

4. Reading Nook Wallpaper

reading nook

Add a extra level of coziness to your favorite reading nook with this black and white damask wallpaper design. It adds a feminine touch and makes it more inviting. It’s also available in pink or purple, which would pair well with a little girl’s room.

5. Dry Erase Wallpaper: The Dry Erase Board Substitute

dry erase wallpaper

If your to do lists and reminders on sticky notes are starting to take over your fridge, consider trying this dry-erase peel and stick wallpaper for a more eco-friendly approach. Pick a slim space in your kitchen near the fridge or add it to a home office space. Tie a dry erase marker to a string and use a thumb tack to keep it nearby.

6. Serving Tray Top: Customize it with Peel And Stick Wallpaper

serving table

Similar to our idea of adding the wallpaper to your dresser drawers, why not add it to a serving tray to create a custom look? This grasscloth design pairs well with neutral colors, and could be put on display in your living room or dining room.

7. Staircase Wall Wallpaper

staircase wall

Instead of covering an entire wall, try covering only the part of the wall that is visible under a staircase. This blue geometric design gives a modern and sophisticated look to your stair wall, while adding a pop of color to the entire room.

8. Kitchen Sink Backsplash Wallpaper

kitchen backsplash

Instead of remodeling your entire kitchen, try using wallpaper as a kitchen sink backsplash to give it a refreshed look. This brown brick design creates a textured brick appearance that can add a loft style feel. It could also be used on the underside of a kitchen island or bar.

9. Peel And Stick Wallpaper On The Ceiling

HD ceiling

Peel and Stick wallpaper on the ceiling? Why not! Perhaps you’re tired of staring at the same blank white space every day. Try this dark weathered plank design to give your ceiling a realistic wood vibe, which pairs well with industrial style light fixtures.

10. Kitchen Drawers: The Best Kitchen Drawer Liner Paper

kitchen drawers

I’ve tried the kitchen drawer liners that offer a grip, but somehow they find a way to move around over time. Eliminate this problem by using wallpaper as your liner, while also adding style. This singed grey design will give your drawers a fresh and unique look.

11. Chalkboard Wallpaper: The Chalkboard Table Top


Display your creative side by turning the top of your desk into a chalkboard. This chalkboard peel and stick wallpaper would also work well on a kids’ play table, or on a designated space on the wall to create a more traditional chalkboard space